Saturday, April 5, 2014

Directions to 20 Peachtree Court, Holbrook
From Springmeadow Drive, heading South:  Turn right, heading south on Patchogue Holbrook Road.  Hop onto Nicolls Rd, heading south.  Take to Sunrise Highway service road, and continue heading west, but bear to the right onto Veterans Highway.  At the 2nd light, (Lincoln Ave.) make a right.  Make a right onto Peachtree Court, approx. 1/2 mile.  On the right, at the end of the court, you will see a parking lot.  Pull in and  park by the door on the right.  Once in the building, follow the signs. 
From Springmeadow Drive, heading North:  Make a left on Patchogue Holbrook Rd, heading North.  Continue to Furrows Road and make a left.  Go to the end of Furrows and make a left onto Lincoln Ave.  Head South on Lincoln approx. 1 1/2 miles to Peachtree Court.  On the right, at the end of the court, you will see a parking lot.  Pull in and park by the door on the right.  Once in the building, follow the signs.   
Springmeadow Alliance
March 11, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M. with all interested homeowners.  Minutes of January 14, 2014 meeting were distributed to all for review and approval.

The Springmeadow Alliance thanked all members for attending the meeting and their enthusiasm in the support for SMA!
Minutes of January 14, 2014 meeting were reviewed approved and seconded the motionby H.O.’s.
SMA informed all the BOM has accepted two new members for temporary positions.
We congratulated these new members for their interest and support in joining the board.

H.O.’s questioned why the board only picked two new members when three seats were available.
SMA suggested H.O.’s should send letters to BOM.

The SMA reminded everyone every June is the annual election and this year four positions should be voted upon. In order to have a valid election the following must occur:
Everyone needs to sign the proxy for an official election.
You don’t need to choose anyone listed on the card
You can write in someone’s name on ballot
It is extremely Important that you SIGN the proxy and return it (comes with stamp) in order to make it an official election

H.O.’s were concerned and stated that if a board member misses three or more meetings they should be removed as they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities.
SMA suggests H.O.’s call the office and request to review the minutes from the board  meetings and see which board members were present
H.O.s would then need to generate e-mail or follow up letters regarding same

H.O.’s are upset that the clubhouse can’t be used free of charge for our SMA community meetings.
H.O.’s should send letters to BOM requesting the use of the clubhouse free of charge.

H.O.’s commented on how well the snow removal company removed the snow in the parking lots as well as the sidewalks.  Good Job…

But did have other concerns:
Why isn’t snow removed to the front door on the Ranch and 3 bedrooms’.
This was done in the past.
H.O. stated the new insurance company/WVC attorney interpreted the landscape/snow removal policy that the patios are the homeowner’s responsibility
Is the snow company responsible for the damages which occurred during snow removal to the (grass, sidewalk etc…)?
Is the snow company responsible for the removal of all the sand in the parking lot?
These additional expenses should be part of the contract not WVC expense.

Some H.O.’s have concerns because they are unable to remove the snow to get into their house and gate.  

Suggestion was made to call the Public library – students have to do community serviceand may be available to shovel the respective patio or try to see if you can pay someone.
H.O.’s could also contact the Senior Citizen’s center to see if any volunteers available.

SMA advised all members WVC has many different committees of which the BOM approves and supports (check Villager for various committees). Joining these committees would be an excellent opportunity to get involved and have an actual “say”
Also, one would be able to keep up on issues by joining a Committee.
H.O. mentioned these committees no longer exist because home owners have shown no interest in participating; however, the committees remain available if interest is shown 

SMA reminded everyone “Change can be promoted through positive action which can only happen with homeowners taking an active interest and involvement.
All H.O.’s have the same interest to maintain our property values

H.O.’s are upset about the DOG ISSUE
WVC should have two-three designated area in which the dogs are allowed to defecateand nowhere else.
Eliminates any confusion on where the dogs can defecate.
There are some owners who don’t care about others and our community.
There were suggestions to put up signs stating “DOG FREE ZONE” so children/adults wouldn’t step in dog feces at school bus stops, and other places 

H.O.’s suggested WVC should enhance its Welcome Committee in addition to giving out the prepared “packet”, the ‘House Rules”:
Have two or three individuals work with WVC for a “meet and greet” and actually deliver the welcome package to the new homeowner personally
This is a good time to get people involved and become aware of the “inner workings” of the community. This committee would be Woodgate’s “Welcome Wagon”.
SMA has three members who are interested in volunteering.
A volunteer offered to obtain information from the town regarding the Islip Town Recreation card and also the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any coupons/discounts from local merchants available for the welcoming committee to distribute. 

SMA advised attendees that representatives from the WVC Board of Managers contacted SMA and requested to meet; a meeting has been scheduled.

    Next Meeting is Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Minutes from January 14, 2014

Springmeadow Alliance
January 14, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M. with all interested homeowners.  Minutes of November 12, 2013 meeting were distributed to all for review and approval.

Ø  The Springmeadow Alliance wished all a Happy and Healthy New Year!
o   Everyone was thanked  for attending the meeting

Ø  Despite the bad weather – very cold and snowing, the food drive went very well.  Food was collected for both families and animals. Donations were made to the Lighthouse Mission and the Islip Town Animal Shelter.
o   A brief description of the mobile Lighthouse Mission and towns they service was given

Ø  H.O.’s are upset that the clubhouse can’t be used free of charge for our SMA community meetings.
o   Suggestions were made for H.O.’s to send letters to the BOM requesting the use of the clubhouse free of charge
§  Our monthly maintenance fees pay for this clubhouse.

Ø  H.O. commented that Woodgate Village (WVC) and/or landscapers should be responsible for planting in areas which are blighted that are common areas.
o   Is the snow company responsible for the damages to the grass, sidewalk etc…which occurred during snow removal. 
§  This shouldn’t come out of WVC budget for these repairs. Apprised that they are responsible for repairs.

Ø  Garden committee will resume planting in the spring.  Spring projects will be planned next month.
o   Recommended calling the office and see if you can volunteer for the WVC garden committee since it is listed as an available committee in the Villager.

Ø   WVC has many different committees of which the BOM approves and supports (check the second page of the Villager for a listing of the various committees). Joining these committees would be an excellent opportunity to get involved and have an actual “say
o   Also, one would be able to keep up on issues such as increases in maintenance fees (there was a 7% increase on the common charges)   and those interested in the process for obtaining contracts could join the Contracts & Insurance Committee.
o   Change can be promoted through positive action which can only happen with homeowners taking an active interest and involvement.

Ø  H.O. mentioned that committees no longer exist and that home owners have shown no interest in participating. Advised that all of the committees are still listed in the Villager and if an interest is made known then the board will head up (chair) that particular committee.

Ø  H.O. recently spoke to a board member and asked why the club house was not open for New Years Eve for homeowners who are not going out to celebrate.  Homeowners would be able to come to the club house and provide their own refreshments. Perhaps the board would send out a “robo” call to the community, asking if  there is any interest for such an event of this kind. The homeowner was advised that there is a Recreation Committee that she might consider joining to have more social events.

Ø  H.O. said part of the problem is that WGV is a diversified community.   You have seniors, single men and women, single parents as well as families. With 504 units in this community, a room that only holds 43 people is a problem.  
o   All H.O.’s have the same interest to maintain our property values.

Ø  WGV should resurrect its Welcome Committee consisting of two or three individuals. In addition to giving out the prepared “packet”, the ‘House Rules” which can also be included.
o   This is a good time to get people involved and become aware of the “inner workings” of the community. This committee would be Woodgate’s “Welcome Wagon”.

Ø  H.O. commented on the snow removal and that they did a good job.

Ø  A sample letter, as previously requested, was given out for anyone wishing to send it to the board regarding notifying the community who was appointed to the board as there were three board positions vacant.

Ø  Tonight they are interviewing candidates for the board.  A few of our SMA H.O.’s had submitted their resumes and are being interviewed.

Ø   H.O. said the board doesn’t do things they are supposed to do.
o    If a board member misses three or more meetings they should be removed. She was advised that minutes of the board’s meeting would need to be reviewed to determine who was in attendance and then the H.O. would need to do the follow up letters.
Ø  H.O. thought that the House Rules is the prospectus in plain language.
o   Some H.O.’s didn’t want to say anything, but the House Rules are not the same as the Prospectus
o   The rules the board added only serve certain situations.  When a new attorney comes on aboard they usually makes new rules. i.e., the balconies. The attorney at the time seems to interpret that it was the responsibility of the homeowners.  For many years it was the responsibility of Woodgate Village Condominium to make the necessary repairs.  The past has shown that with each new attorney,  management company and board president there is another interpretation of the same rule over and over again.
Ø  Hopefully if everything remains the same our loan/assessments should be over by July 2014.

Ø  Mention was made to turn over the roads to the Town of Islip
o   This may raise our property taxes, and there may be other negatives which would not be beneficial to us in the long run. A committee would need to be established to look into this further if there was enough interest.
Ø Next Meeting is Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

The scheduled food drive for people and pets was held on December 14th even though the weather didn't cooperate: it continued to snow like crazy and the outdoor temperatures were in the 20's!  Beyond these minor inconveniences,the drive was very successful. Your generous donations filled the Lighthouse Food Pantry shelves and the Islip Town animal shelter was given many bags of food, treats, towels, and litter. We truly appreciate all the donations everyone contributed to make this inaugural drive such a success and are looking forward to planning another one but when the weather is more agreeable.  
The Four Ladies

Monday, December 9, 2013



DATE:           SAT., DEC. 14, 2013
LOCATION:  CUL DE SAC (between Beech & Cedar       
                      Lane, on the club house side)
TIME:            10:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.  

The following are suggested items that may be donated – NO GLASS please.
Canned fruits, vegetables, juices, soup
Hot & cold cereals
Prepared foods: mashed potatoes, stuffing, pancake mix, etc.
Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
Boxed crackers & cookies, soup
Rice, pasta, egg noodles
Cake mix
                                          Any and all non-perishables

Furry Friends
Old Towels                                                              Dry Dog & Cat food
Canned Dog & Cat food                                             Cat Litter

              Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.  Check our website for details.                                              

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Springmeadow Alliance
Meeting Minutes November 12, 2013

Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M. with all interested homeowners. Minutes of October 8, 2013 meeting were distributed along with the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

Ø  SMA offered condolences to a member whose husband recently passed away and a card was sent.

Ø  Thanks to all the volunteers for distributing flyers it was a big help to us.

Ø  Members read the October 8th minutes (on their own) and a member made a statement to accept the minutes as read.
§  A member questioned the October 8th meeting minutes regarding WVC being insured by a relative of the managing company and the position he holds in the insurance company
§  Informed the information was verified: he is listed as one of the Directors

Ø  Committees
o   Garden: to resume in the spring
o   Dumpster: head of this committee not present but reported last meeting:
§  Town doesn’t get involved with WVC garbage pickup/recycling
§  WVC is a private community and the contractor is responsible for proper disposal
§  A member explained people should place cans & plastic recyclables in clear plastic bags which would be pulled out of the garbage at the terminal facility for recycling
§  A member volunteered to help this committee going forward-she’ll speak with committee head
o   Communication: Check out the blog for updates/information and minutes

Ø  Important H.O.’s meeting being called by the BOM for this Thursday, November 14th. This meeting is regarding the roads & roof assessment and is very important to attend if at all possible.
§  Members asked:
§  How many H.O.’s are in arrears?
§  Is the board/lawyer putting leans on these condos?
§  What exactly is being done with H.O.s not paying?
§  Why isn’t cable being disconnected from these condos? A member stated that cable can be disconnected from individual units

Ø  Letter from BOM regarding request for resumes to be submitted between now and early May: the house rules state if there is a vacancy and it’s more than 4 months to the next election- the BOM  needs to fill the vacancy ASAP
§  Further discussion regarding the importance of submitting resumes and getting involved
§  Explained the board usually maintains nine appointed members and if two leave then the board should fill all these vacancies to maintain same
§  H.O.’s questioned why the BOM hasn’t informed them of the number of open vacancies

Ø  A member mentioned the WVC website is available & inquired if the board minutes would be posted
§  A member advised the board was told not to put the minutes on the website because of privacy issues and hackers
§  WVC web- site:

Ø  SMA met with an attorney: SMA is a civic group and according to the house rules the club house is available free of charge to charitable or civic organizations
§  Letter read which was sent to BOM on November 6th regarding our request they reconsider allowing SMA to meet at the clubhouse

Ø  Follow up to last month’s meeting: advised all that SMA sent a letter October 11th  to WVC management company (seven principals)  in response to e-mail received from managing agent
§  SMA did not receive a response

Ø  A member wanted to know why HO’s aren’t able to use the club house for other things as she was told to send an email and explain what she wants. She further indicated when she bought here she was told that WGV had many activities at the club house and would like the clubhouse to be available at least two nights/week
§  Possibly SMA and BOM can work together for future activities/clubs

§  H.O.’s questioned why there isn’t better communication re:
§  When outside contractors not hired by WVC are working in our community (ex: LIPA); why are they ripping up our grounds? Advised LIPA continues to repair cables
§  Another new landscaping company
§  When contracts are due for renewal (ex: landscaping, management, pool service etc.)
·        Members remarked important to get feedback from H.O.’s as we are paying for service/contractors and should have the right to voice our opinions before renewal
o   Advised if there’s a problem with a vendor to notify the WVC office for intervention not the vendor

Ø  SMA advised the WVC liaison is not available at this time but the board is provided information in reference to our meetings as well as the availability of viewing the minutes, etc. on SMA website

Ø   A member inquired why a quarterly report from the board available to keep community informed about what is planned such as the installation of new WVC signs, sidewalks, trees, etc.
§  BOM should send a brief monthly letter to H.O.’s on issues they are working on
§   The letter could be mailed with our monthly maintenance bill at no additional cost
§  BOM should have more than the current two H.O.’s meeting per year as this would improve communication

Ø All H.O.’s were informed any concerns/issues they have should be sent via e-mail to the board:, or snail mail 

Ø  Meeting adjourned at 9:20 P.M.

Ø  SMA will not meet in December; however, we will conduct a food drive for families and/or animals on December 14th from 10 A.M. to 2 P M. in the cul-de-sac on Springmeadow Drive (between Beech & Cedar on the clubhouse side)

The next meeting is Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A healthy and happy holiday to all!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The below letter was sent to 7 people in the offices of NAI in response to the email from Ms. Bernato.  As of today, we have not gotten any response.  

October 11, 2013

Mr. Frank Socci Jr.
3 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 307N
Melville, NY  11747

Dear Mr. Socci,
     The homeowners of Woodgate Village Condominiums in Holbrook would like to bring a matter to your attention.  This occurred back in July of 2013, but the time has now come to share it with you.
     A group of homeowners living in Woodgate Village formed a group titled, The Springmeadow Alliance.  The goal of this group was to discuss ways to improve our community.  The inaugural meeting took place on June 11, 2013 and the community was invited to attend.  One item on the agenda was to hand out index cards and ask all those in attendance to write down areas upon which they thought could be improved regarding any and all aspects of the community. After the meeting, a spread sheet was made that listed the comments the homeowners had written on the index cards.  Some of the feedback from the homeowners was negative regarding NAI and the Board of Managers in Woodgate Village.  In maintaining our transparency, the minutes of that meeting along with the list of comments were sent to all those in attendance on June 11 and even included the office of Woodgate Village.
     Margaret Bernato, your employee, upon viewing this list took it very personally.  The list was simply a compilation of comments made by the meeting’s attendees; it had not been shared directly with Ms. Bernato.  However, the list apparently upset her enough, so much so, that she felt the need to personally respond to the Springmeadow Alliance.  Her retort offended the members of The Springmeadow Alliance for something that was unsolicited.  Its tone was both condescending and ill-mannered.
     As a representative of NAI, Ms. Bernato should always maintain an air of professionalism.  The homeowners feel that this has not been the case.  We believe that amends are in order and respectfully request that you, NAI act appropriately with regard to Ms. Bernato’s actions.
We appreciate you looking into this matter and helping to rectify this issue.

The Springmeadow Alliance