Monday, February 2, 2015

January 13, 2015
Ø Meeting commenced at 7:35 P.M.

Ø All those in attendance were asked to review the minutes of December

·         The minutes were approved as read

Ø  Homeowner questioned the new name of the group.  Stated that group was not asked for suggestions.  SMH reminded the group that this had been done in the previous months and only one suggestion was forth coming.  The new name was arrived in conjunction with the board.

·         Homeowner also inquired if only homeowners could attend meetings as the title as “Homeowners” in it.  It was explained that although the meetings are primarily for homeowners…all residents of Woodgate Village are welcome.


Ø  Answers to last month’s questions from our liaison.

·         Suggestion to have bin(s) on or around outside of pool area to collect donations for both people and pets was limited to only canned goods and no clothing (towels & blankets for animals)

·         Also to publicly display the name of charities

·         H.O. suggested that perhaps charities could also include “Rescue Dogs”

Ø  Gray Lines in parking lots – the areas in question are now being assessed.  Work orders will be prepared for the painting of said lines in the spring.

Ø  Broken Pipes beneath the cement of unit – the office is currently keeping a list of those units that have or are having their pipes re-routed

Ø  Presumed “stain” for terraces still to needs to be addressed

·         Why is it peeling, even with proper seasoning time

·         Why does it have the characteristics of paint

·         Perhaps a sample could be brought to a paint or hardware store for assessment

Ø  Dog Walkers – a map of where to walk your dog in Woodgate Village will be made available in the next issue of The Villager

·         H.O. suggested that it could also be sent out with the monthly common charge statement

Ø  New Year’s Eve Party – H.O.’s want to know why an individual homeowner must accept responsibility for an informal gathering of neighbors in the club house for this event and why is it also necessary for the homeowner to carry insurance.

·         In addition why couldn’t the security guard be responsible

·         An explanation was given of the legal ramifications :  1. Property damage, 

2. Underage drinking, 3. Intoxicated guests,  4. Unwelcomed guests, etc.


Ø  Would like to see building signs on lamp posts become not only more visible, but to include other helpful information such as:  BLDG. # AND UNIT LETTERS

(BLDG.231 A-D) and arrows indicating exactly where the units are located

Ø  Asked why there wasn’t a Christmas tree alongside the Menorah this year.  

·         Perhaps next year we could plant a small pine tree in front of the club house (which might even be donated by the landscapers).

Ø  Recreation Committee met Monday, January 12, 2015 – six homeowners attended

·         According to H.O’s that attended this meeting, there are 14 individuals on this committee, but the chairperson would only like to see new participants attend

·         A Wine & Cheese party was decided for March, but no plans have been discussed as of this date

·         H.O.’s were encouraged to attend the meetings of the Recreation Committee every second  Monday of the month with their ideas.  And to make sure that all ideas are completely thought through before presenting them.

Ø  Holiday Events – to begin the creative process of planning for the upcoming seasons

Ø  Building 221 unit(s) are being repaired and unit 220 F is abandoned and disrepair

·         Homeowners are again asked to report either to the office by telephone, email or send an email directly to the Woodgate Village website, to a board member about any unit(s) that may seem to be abandoned for a long period of time and are in extreme disrepair.  This would also apply to any other situation regarding the property maintenance of Woodgate Village Condominiums.

Ø  Blue tape around notices on dumpsters, put up by WVC

·         Although eye catching…the tape could be applied a bit more accurate

Ø  Suggested Ceiling on Budget

·         Place a cap on the monthly maintenance fee.  There are some homeowners in that are on fixed incomes in which this would make a difference to them.  This was suggested to The SMH in an email.

·         Two H.O.’s  explained that a cap is out of Woodgate Village’s control for individuals who are unable to pay higher monthly fees.

Ø  Reserve Account – an inquiry via email was received requesting an explanation for specific year(s) under review.  Unfortunately, the email was not entirely viewable for us to elaborate on

Ø  Noisy Neighbor – H.O. has ongoing problem with loud noise from children running up and down stairs as well as the second floor.

H.O. has tried several approaches to neighbor, including banging on the wall to
·         stop the noise

·         H.O. was advised by a board member to write a letter to the board of managers, which was done

·         H.O. is now asking, how long does it take to get an acknowledgement of said letter.  SMH informed the H.O. to be patient and that a reply would be forth coming.

Ø  Snow fall – It seems the board had the foresight to call in the snow removal crew even though it was less than 2” deep.  The reason being that there would be a significant amount of ice on the walks and it was thought best to remove the snow before it froze… hence, “slip & falls”…hence, law suits.  As the snow blowers were cleaning the sidewalks, suddenly they stopped and a little while later was the sound of shovels scraping the cement.  As it turned out a resident was disturbed by the noise of the snow blower and decided to called the POLICE.

It seems that no matter what is done to make things better for the residents of Woodgate Village, there will always be someone to thwart the help.

Ø  Our thanks to whoever placed the holiday wreaths on the lamp posts this past month.

·         It really makes a difference in our community and lifts our spirits too

                             NEXT MEETING    

                          FEBRUARY 10, 2015



Tuesday, November 25, 2014



DATE:           SAT., DEC. 6, 2014
LOCATION:  CUL DE SAC (between Beech & Cedar       
                      Lane, on the club house side)
TIME:            9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.  
The following are suggested items that may be donated – NO GLASS please.
Canned fruits, vegetables, juices, soup
Hot & cold cereals
Prepared foods: mashed potatoes, stuffing, pancake mix, etc.
Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
Boxed crackers & cookies, soup
Rice, pasta, egg noodles
Cake mix
    ***Any and all non-perishables - Please no out-dated food***

Furry Friends
Old Towels                                               Dry Dog & Cat food

Canned Dog & Cat food                       Cat Litter
November 11, 2014

v  Meeting called to order at 7:39 P.M.

v  Minutes from previous month read and approved -1st and 2nd motions made by two homeowners
v  Second SMA monthly meeting held in WVC clubhouse. Again, a thank you to the new board
o   An overview presented of all the positive changes throughout WVC that have occurred with the new board i.e. fall decorations, yellow lines painted on curbs, unit fences being painted, etc.

v  Report from board liaison and board’s response to homeowners’ questions from last month’s meeting
o   Board is actively working on establishing specific dog walking areas
o   Any burnt out street light bulb is replaced with  an updated, “bright” light bulb which improves illumination
o   Very positive response and thank you from homeowners regarding the timely placement of a much needed parking lot street light
o   Board continues to work on flooding issue regarding the dry wells, response from Islip Town, etc.  Drains are to be cleaned by a private vendor in near future-board representative made aware of debris in drain on Elm Lane
o   A coffee klatch is held in the clubhouse every Monday from 1:00 – 3:00 P.M. Please feel free to stop in and join your neighbors for a cup of java
o   Building representatives needed to hand out flyers/notices to residents of their respective building
o   Anyone interested in volunteering should email the board or call the WVC office
o   Any needed repairs in the community noticed by residents should be reported on the WVC website or by calling the office
o   Discussed the stain provided by WVC to residents for painting of the balconies: several homeowners mentioned the stain peels and easily chips in a short period of time. Board liaison to bring this to the attention of WVC workmen and inquire why this occurs and if anything can be done to prevent it

v  Holiday event
o   Suggested to board liaison that the Recreation Committee host a holiday event to include a menorah and a tree lighting ceremony (followed by photos with Santa taken by parents), and refreshments
o   Perhaps host it along with the planned magic show
o   Community events help foster a spirit of community cooperativeness and an esprit de corps
o   SMA will assist the Recreation Committee as needed

v  December 6, 2014 from 9:00 – 1:00 P. M. SMA will be hosting the second annual Food Drive for people and pets in the cul-de-sac on Springmeadow drive by the North entrance.  Please drop off any canned or dry dog or cat food, old towels, sheets, litter, etc. Kindly refrain from donating outdated/expired items. Board was asked to put this event on the WVC website.

v  Homeowners advised that WVC has a lending library for residents’ use-stop in the office to ask about browsing the selection of books

v  Discussion re: condominium living and noisy neighbors: suggestions given on handling situations in an effective, diplomatic manner

v  Resident brought to liaison’s attention that an update is needed in by-laws (Article III, section 6, pg. 8) re: pipes
o   Several units have had pipes break under kitchen slab and the way repairs are being done, if possible, are with a workaround.  Homeowner stated the by-laws under Repair/Maintenance need updating
o   Discussion on whether a community vote would be needed to change the by-laws
o   Liaison to present information to board

v  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 P.M.

We wish all residents a Happy Thanksgiving!

Next meeting: December 9, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 14, 2014

v  Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M.

v  Minutes from previous month read and approved-1st and 2nd motions made by two homeowners

v  SMA monthly meetings being held in WVC clubhouse (effective October 2014) the 2nd Tuesday of every month. (Thank you to the new Board and former Board President, Liz Caponiti)
§  SMA   Creed  - Cooperation  - Commitment - Contribution
§  Our purpose is to work cooperatively and establish a positive relationship with the board, increase community involvement, be a liaison from WVC residents to the board as well as from the board to the residents, improve curb appeal of the community, and requested a robo call be sent announcing our upcoming meeting.   
§  All suggestions, concerns welcome but need to be expressed in a constructive way

v  Report of meeting with 2 board members: The meeting was very positive  - we are looking forward to a new start and working together
§  Will have a board liaison who will chair the homeowners committee and be present at our SMA meetings - Geri DePasquale
§  Informed all of board’s request for SMA name change: a new name for SMA was suggested from a homeowner-”Woodgate Village and You”.  All will be advised of our decision which must first be submitted to and approved by the board
§  Will be an Official Homeowners Committee
§  A mission statement for the committee will be written
v  Discussion on WVC resident meeting held September 22, 2014 by the board
o   New board
§   Introduced to all
§  2 new resident meetings to be held for all in the community (not just homeowners)
o   WVC improvements since new board in effect
§  New clubhouse hallway flooring
§  Planting of grass seeds  with areas appropriately fenced off; beautiful mums planted; corn stalks displayed throughout the community; and the orange PSEG work fences removed
o   Website
§  Excellent presentation
o   Recreation committee
§  Trying to get the community involved in events
·        Possible future events: Bingo, Wine & cheese, afternoon tea etc...
·        A member of this committee informed all that the committee is working on having a senior club meeting possibly on Monday afternoon- information will be given when available
o   Operations  & Planning committee will also be responsible for:
§   General maintenance
·        Tree trimming
·        Side Walk repairs
·        Curb Appeal
§  Painting of shed, fences, power washing  etc. (working in building order not piece-meal as was done) unless otherwise needed
§  Painting of steps, curbs
§  Work on general maintenance
o   Security
§  To sign up for alerts such as traffic, etc.: – click “nixle”
·        This will give you ALL available Alerts

v   Comments regarding community’s response to the meeting requested from all who attended:
§  Everyone was exceptionally pleased with the meeting - H.O.’s felt the new board was very positive  - we’re all looking forward to all the new changes and improvements
§  New Board is definitely  communicating better  - keeping the community informed
§  New Board has created a “Positive Outlook” throughout the community
§  New improvements throughout WVC show this new board is working together they really care about the homeowners and property values of this community
§  Meeting was definitely informative and H.O.’s appreciated the open forum for Questions and Answers.
§  Special thanks to the new president and her handling of the meeting and issues in a very professional manner.

v  Suggestion from H.O. the Villager should have a “seasonal” section as a reminder of WVC policies:
§  Towels should be not be hung over fence/balcony
§  Pet owners must clean up after their dogs and inform all where appropriate areas are to walk dogs
§  No food in pool area.

v  Discussed again… waste and lack of some owners not cleaning up after their pets
§  Suggestions to  establish a cleanup charge or fees to those inconsiderate pet owners
§  Place bags around the areas designated to walk pets for residents’ use
§   A flyer should be distributed to all units throughout WVC
·        This way All residents and H.O.’s will be notified of WVC updates
§  Discussion about excessive barking dogs on patios and in units
§  WVC rules should be sent to all residents in the community to ensure everyone receives them

v  SMA will be hosting another Food Drive for people and pets in December  - date to be announced

v  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.

Next meeting: November 11, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 9, 2014

v  Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M.
v  Minutes from previous month read and approved-1st and 2nd motions made by two homeowners
v  Discussion regarding the recent letter from the board of managers which advised of a change in board members and new officers: President-Debbie O’Rourke; Vice President-Natalie Fasano;
Secretary-Carol Rognon; Treasurer-Gerri DePasquale
o   All informed of two openings on the board and encouraged to submit their resumes if interested
v  Recent flooding issues on primarily three WVC streets: Beech, Elm, and Ginger.  This is not the first incident where many cars were “totaled” by their insurance companies and there were also several condo units flooded. Attendees suggested actions to help alleviate these situations as the weather patterns are changing which are causing storms to be significantly stronger:
o   Have scheduled maintenance of all storm drains (both in the streets and common areas)-they should be vacuumed so the accumulated debris is totally removed at least annually
o   The board along with the property manager should work with the town of Islip and the golf course to put in additional strategic drains on the golf course as the run off caused much of the flooding in our streets
o   Additional storm drains should be added to the aforementioned streets that have recurrent flooding
o   Attendees encouraged to voice their suggestions using the WVC new user friendly website as comments/concerns can be directly sent to board members
v  The brunch hosted by Elite, the vendor providing pool services, didn’t have a large turnout: a lot of the community wasn’t aware of the brunch as the flyers advertising the event were available only at the pool
o   Perhaps a different weekend should be selected as a lot of people go away for Labor Day
o   A robo call would have informed homeowners of the event
v  Again discussed dog waste and the lack of owners cleaning up after their pets
o   Suggestions were to establish fees if you have a pet (dog or cat) and live in WVC
o   Place bags around the complex for owners’ use and remind homeowners of the designated areas to walk pets
o   Discussion about barking dogs especially those who leave their balcony doors open and leave the pet alone all day
v  All reminded of community meeting with the board of managers on September 22, 2014 at 7:30 P.M. and encouraged to attend
v  Meeting adjourned at 8:37 P.M.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Minutes from August 12, 2014


AUGUST 12, 2014

Ø Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M.
Ø Minutes from previous month read and approved – 1st and 2nd motion made by two homeowners
Ø Remembrance of the board of manager’s late president and memorial service. Mentioned also was the passing of another homeowner
Ø Discussion regarding the robo call advising homeowners of an open board position and request for resumes. Homeowners discussed that there are those who have “opted out” from receiving robo calls and as such weren’t notified. Several felt that the board should have sent this request in writing; however, the cost of such mailings may have been a factor.
o   All were encouraged to consider applying for the open board position and to request their neighbors to do likewise
Ø Reviewed questions posed at past SMA meetings regarding:
o   Financials: the purchase of one WVC unit and possibly a second with information regarding their respective costs
§  Will the units be rented and will local real estate offices be advised of the listing
§  All felt this was a positive move as opposed to having an empty unit but request the board keep the community informed as to where the money will be allocated and the cost savings
Ø Several homeowners had questions regarding the requirements of being on the board, and inquired how the most recent member had been appointed.  All advised that the reason may have been due to the last appointee having his resume on file
o   Several in attendance felt that a requirement for every board member should include both reading and familiarizing oneself with the prospectus/by-laws of WVC as other condos require
Ø Volunteers: encouraged all to get involved on WVC committees wherever they have an interest.  To date, those in attendance have not called to join any committee-reminded that 5 names were given to the board for the Compliance Committee but have not yet had a response. This committee had been chosen from one of several available for homeowners to join as listed in the spring 2014 Villager.
o   Several committees including the Compliance Committee and their purpose/intent discussed
§  Members would apprise the board of areas needing attention such as gates in disrepair, overgrown shrubs, unpainted balconies, etc. The purpose of the committee is to increase/maintain WVC property values. Discussion had about previous years and that members of the board and the property manager actually walked WVC property on a regular basis and noted areas needing attention for which action was taken.  All would like that interest from the board as well as the property manager to resume
Ø SMA cancelled the meeting scheduled with two board members out of respect for the recent passing of the board’s president; it is to be re-scheduled in the near future
Ø Homeowners mentioned the numerous pieces of equipment owned by WVC and if an inventory list is maintained.  Several noticed the new tents used for the memorial service recently held on WVC and wanted to know if these would then be used by the pool for more available shade
Ø Homeowner advised that recently two mortgage companies denied mortgages to potential buyers. This was due to when the companies ran their assessment reports: WVC maintenance fees are due by the 15th of the month, since the reports were run on the 1st of the month it showed many in arrears. When the reports are run on the15th or the end of the month, the number in arrears falls well below their requirements.  Discussion had in reference to dealing with this issue: prospective buyers would need to put down a higher down-payment, use a different mortgage company, request the company run their report at the end of the month.
Ø The meeting was adjourned at 9:01P.M.